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The Houdini of hair pins, the Nusa No.2 has a small and sleek design. The magic of this patent pending hair pin is found in its flexibility. You can bend the Nusa No.2 to create a needed hook or catch without compromising it's comfort or strength. It also has hand polished tips for comfort and ease of use. This pin was designed with a busy beauty expert in mind. 

  • Flexibility to bend and create whatever type of catch needed for those hard to hold sections
  • Easy insertion
  • No snags in thick or fine hair
  • Perfectly conceals
  • Comfortable and long lasting
  • All hair types
  • Patent Pending for flexibility and design
  • 50 Pieces
  • 2” 
  • Material: Iron
  • Available in black and bronze

Because This Is How A Pin Should Work™